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Welcome to the Submission Pro! Pro Site Award!

Have you created a web site? Did you take the time to learn HTML and then take even more time and energy to tediously create your own web site? If so we think that puts you a little above the normal person...and we think you deserve an award!

Let's face it....most people wouldn't even know where to start. Heck a lot of people still don't know what this "Internet" thing even is! But you know...and more than that, you've etched your own mark in it!

Who are we to judge whether your site is good or not? YOU know how much time you've put into it, YOU know how hard it was to learn HTML, You know how many headaches you received from straining at the computer screen while creating your own custom graphics, YOU know if YOU are proud of you're site.....and that's all that matters in this world!

We would like to thank you for taking the time to make the Internet a better place. Without you and others like you, the Internet wouldn't be what it is today. We appreciate your hard work and effort and would like to give you our award.

So feel free to copy our award logo from the top of this screen. Link it back to us at if you like. You don't have to link back to us if you don't want to :) there are no conditions or terms that go along with winning this award.


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